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Senator Boxer, We Have Your Back

DailyKos diarist blueness informs us that Matt Drudge, on his radio show Sunday night, announced an all-out wingnut radio assault against Senator Boxer for statements she made on CNN earlier in the day. What could she possibly have said to raise the ire of Drudge and his minions? When confronted by rightwing attack dog Lindsey Graham with the charge that anyone opposing the escalation therefore believes the troops are “losers,” Boxer pushed back hard:

Now, Lindsey, just be careful what you say. The bottom line here is, the losers are the ones who have, you know, engineered this war, made a huge mistake, Dick Cheney, we’re in the last throes, the war will last six months, and all of you who have supported this escalation and have turned us away from fighting al Qaida into putting us in the middle of a civil war . . . . So don’t say anyone calls them losers. They’re winners. The loser is the commander in chief who has not led our country well.


Boxer clearly took this accusation personally, as demonstrated by this excerpt from the exchange in which she details just how hard this war, which she VOTED AGAINST, is hitting her.

Now, the fact is I want to be very clear on this, Wolf. I’ve lost in California 21 percent of the dead troops. You understand that? Twenty-one percent either were born in California or were stationed in California.

I have their names listed in the front of my office. If you come and see my office, they are all on these charts. And you know what, Lindsey? I have to keep making the print on the charts smaller and smaller to fit all the names on four full charts.

Wingnuts are desperately clinging to any thread of relevancy, trying to gain traction with the public using baseless attacks against Democrats, using 2004 tactics in a post-November 2006 world. Senator, thank you for not letting Graham’s offensive charge go unanswered. Please know that we have your back. When they hit you, we’ll hit them harder.

Transcript and video available over at Think Progress.