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Mayor Villaraigosa endorses Cindy Montanez for State Senate

Cindy and Antonio

It was expected, and it happened: the Mayor has picked Assemblywoman Cindy Montanez over City Councilman Alex Padilla as his choice for the next State Senator for District 20 in the San Fernando Valley.

Is this a significant development?  Arguably, yes.  The mayor needs every ally in City Council he can get in order to pass a city budget and to take control of the school district.  The political capital that Villaraigosa has put on the line adds substance to the symbolism of his endorsement.  His endorsement also adds significantly to the profile of Montanez’ campaign, which, if judged by street sign presence in the district alone, could use some more visibility.

The race in the 20th is possibly the most important one in the state this year aside from the gubernatorial.  The low-octane performance of both candidates for the Democratic candidate for governor, unfortunately, threatens to drag down the electorate’s interest in every other contest as well.  Maybe Villaraigosa’s star power can bring some much needed attention to the San Fernando Valley, at least among Southern California Democrats.

Now if only the mayor would take a firm stand on immigration — then he’d be all over the national airwaves, and could command some serious attention with his endorsements.