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Values Question for the Community

I don’t want to ask this as a poll and I think you’ll see why. So let’s say, hypothetically speaking, your are riding on a crowded Caltrain with hundreds of riders that stays at a station for a lot longer than is to be expected. Let’s say the conductor comes on the phone 10-15 minutes later to announce that the train will be holding further while waiting for police to arrest somebody for a fare violation (a maximum of $5.75 in lost revenue).

Who is worse: the conductor or the rider or the system? Do you believe in the utilitarian perspective? Or the broken window perspective? Or the just-doing-his-job perspective?

And does it change when you’ve been riding on the train for a good while (wearing slacks, a dress shirt, sports-jacket and uncomfortable shoes as you type away at your laptop) and haven’t been asked for proof of payment and aren’t asked the entire journey?