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My Westly Dealbreaker

Westly is rabidly anti-tax. This page spews the standard sort of anti-tax garbage I’d expect from a Republican.

rant continues…

Here he’s indistinguishable from any other big-buisness-over-people anti-government destroyer of democracy. Ok, he’s probably not all that, but California is in a revenue pinch and if we’re going to do all that we should do we need more money to pay for those things. Yes, that means raising taxes. But of course it can be done in ways most people never see simply by implementing a fair tax distribution instead of the current regressive mode. Included in Westley’s anti-tax fearmongering are taxes I definitely support like corporate property and income taxes, and “increasing taxes on alcohol to the national average”. Certainly just rising to the national average can’t be bad, eh?

So, conventional wisdom that I hear says that’s it’s a race between Angiledes and Westly. I guess I’m voting for Angiledes.