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Congress thinking of raining on AB 32’s parade?

Two not-so-eco-friendly Congressmen are working on a global warming bill in the House.  The trouble is that the bill includes provisions that block California from implementing stricter global warming measures, such as AB32, the carbon emissions law signed last year.

House Democrats, in their first draft of new energy legislation, would wipe out California’s landmark global warming law — despite their California speaker’s promises that her party would use the state as a model to combat climate change.

The legislation would pre-empt California and 11 other states from implementing laws requiring automakers to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across their fleets. The bill would prohibit the Environmental Protection Agency from granting the states waivers to put their climate change rules into effect. California officials, including Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s top environmental aides, blasted the legislative proposal.
However, the pre-emption plan might never see the light of day — if, as expected, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco and lawmakers from other affected states use their clout to quash the idea before it gets out of committee. Pelosi was unavailable for comment Monday, but her staff termed the measure a draft that needed much more work. (SF Chron 6/5/07)

So, look like we know what we need to do here. If this comes close to getting out of committee, we need to call California’s Congressional Delegation to make sure the federal government doesn’t tramp all over us. Flip it

It’s not surprising that this is coming from Dems. You see these two Congressmen don’t have the best track record:

The proposal was written by Rep. Rick Boucher, a Democrat who represents a coal-producing district in southwest Virginia and chairs the House Energy and Commerce subcommittee charged with crafting climate change legislation. The full committee’s chairman, Rep. John Dingell, D-Mich., a longtime ally of the auto industry, also played a key role in putting together the new legislation.

However, having a San Francisco Speaker should help things in our favor…