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RIP Jack Orr, conservative politico extraordinaire (update)

Jack Orr died Saturday at the age of 68. Orr was an institution of San Diego north county politics. Known as a devastatingly effective political consultant, and none too shy of dirt, he worked for just about every individual and cause that I dislike the most. From San Marcos mayor Corky Smith, Walmart (referendum in San Marcos) to my least favorite mayors and city councilmembers across 4 cities, we really couldn’t be on more opposite sides of the fence. But he’s someone that I’ve worked so hard against that now in his death my rage against him has wrapped around to an odd kind of respect. He was a worthy adversary and love him or hate him, there’s no doubt he left an enormous legacy in his wake. So rest in peace Jack Orr, rest in peace.

Check out the North County Times story here and be sure to check the comments for many remembrances from friends and foes alike.

Update: Flashreport says goodbye:

Jack had been a member of the Reagan, Nixon, and Ford campaigns or administrations in Sacramento and Washington D.C.. Often when I meet one of the bigwigs from the 1970’s or 1980’s and they find out I’m from San Diego, they ask about Jack, and relay stories about his bulldog like campaigning for the tops of the ticket in years past.

Later, Jack made his home in San Diego’s North County and built a stable of medium sized city clients while he lobbied county government.

Jack was a true rough and tumble campaigner. No mercy given or asked. He didn’t always win, and he didn’t always lose, but he always got his knuckles bloody.

Having been on the receiving end of the knuckles, I’ll just say, “you can say that again!”