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Are You Going to Your Regional Delegates’ Meeting?

Are you planning to go to your regional delegates’ meeting? I think I am! But wait! What are these meetings for? And who can go? Well, if you were elected or appointed as a California Democratic Party delegate earlier this year, then you can go to this meeting and find out what the Democratic Party is doing in your part of the state.

Here’s something from the email I got last night that explains these meetings some more:

These meetings are being convened in accordance with the CDP Bylaws which calls for the convening of a regional meeting at least 30 days prior to each meeting of the Executive Board.

The general purpose of the meeting will be to assist in the maintenance and development of the Party organization within each region. These meetings give the delegates in each region time to meet, plan, and coordinate various activities.

So would you like to find out what the Democratic Party is doing in your community? Do you want to find out where your regional delegates’ meeting will be? Well, then follow me after the flip to find out…

So where’s your local meeting? Look for your region and Assembly District here.

Unfortunately, many regions have not yet scheduled a meeting. Hey, I feel your pain. Orange County’s Region 18, where I happily reside, has yet to schedule a meeting. I’ll keep an eye on this and the other “to be determined” meetings, and I’ll give an update as soon as it’s available.

But for all of you who do have regional meetings scheduled, mark your calendars. This is a good opportunity to stay involved in the Democratic Party. A delegate’s responsibilities need not end with the convention. Keep involved, and find out what you can do locally to help the party. I know I’ll try to… And perhaps, I can start by trying to make sure that I didn’t miss my regional meeting. ; )