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The Calitics PAC and some meta.

Well, Calitics is all legal-like in the old school ways of politickin’ American style.  To put it another, more understandable, way, Calitics has a PAC. Really, we do.  We currently have a state account, and our federal account will be opening shortly.  Both of these will be available on ActBlue eventually, but the state PAC is now on the Calitics ActBlue page. Cool, huh?

So, what the plans for these two PACs? Well, broadly put, we intend to do much of what we have done with no money, pushing progressive values and candidates.  Some of that work will be done online, heck this is a blog, right? So, we’ll focus most of our resources upon internet and media outreach.  And the first few dollars that trickle in will go towards yearlyKos stipends for front-pagers of this blog. But, I certainly understand that elections are not won via the internet alone (or, um, primarily as of now), so in the longer-term, we’d like to work on build a broader progressive infrastructure. Of course, much of these lofty dreams depend on money, so…do you want to give us some money? Click on through to the Calitics ActBlue page.

One more thing that is slightly related, I’ve set up an official-like “Editorial Board”.  The people on this editorial board will help me out with maintenance of the front page, contribute ideas for PAC money, and generally speak for the blog. All in all, really good times.  The Editorial board will consist of myself, jsw, juls, Lucas O’Connor, and dday.  If you email the caliticsATcaliticsDOTcom email address, you’ll get all 5 of us. Click here to get email addresses for everybody.

And speaking of money, why are the grocery stores trying to nickel and dime their employees. We need stores that respect and honor their workers, not who try to steal every possible penny from them. See the QuickHits for more.