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Desperation of California Republican Party

I know the great northern menace has already been chronicled, but this is just too much fun for only a single diary.

Not only is the GOP bench so weak that they need to call upon a bodybuilder to run for the horseshoe, they actually need to bring in people from other countries to fill the jobs that nobody is dumb enough to work.

And now it gets better. Despite the fact that according to the CA Dems website they haven’t issued a statement since May 25th, the CDP may actually still be alive. Just read Roger Salazar’s statement on this hypocrisy.

And when it comes to your enjoyment, the label on my package says to stop the microwave when the popping begins to slow down to about 2 seconds between pops — to prevent scorching (because we already have enough of that today).

Then just sit back and enjoy.