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Some Thanks and Some Thoughts

I wanted to write a proper thank you post for all the nice words in the comments of juls’s post. Today was pretty crazy jumping on board with mydd and I discovered the post late. This is not a GBCW by the way, I’m not really going anywhere although out of necessity I’ll be posting here a lot less as you can imagine. But I’m continuing with Courage Campaign and look forward to remaining an active part of the calitics community (especially if my Dean post never leaves the Rec list! 🙂 )

A bit more self-indulgence and some meta over the flip…

I wrote to some of you that the whole mydd thing would not have happened without my experience here at calitics, which of course came out of my blogging at Courage Campaign and it’s so true. And it got me thinking about how great it has been to be here for the emergence of the California blogosphere and to experience first hand the vitality and importance of local blogging. It seemed to really grow out of an organic need for change and despite the size of the state and our various interests and issues, we coalesced as a cohesive whole and developed, seemingly effortlessly, a chemistry that is as strong offline as it is on.

What I’ve experienced here at calitics is exactly what local blogs should be doing — developing conventional wisdom, driving stories from the ground up into the national netroots and ultimately into the media and driving narratives. I’ve seen you guys do it so many times, it’s really been cool.

After originally blogging the hell out of the 04 election and finding much needed focus to my blogging here in the California netroots in early 06, as you know, I’ve definitely found myself back in election mode — I think there’s something about that election on the horizon that is motivating and the unlimited and unknowable variables make it exciting. I’m extremely lucky it happened to be what Jerome was looking for and I look forward to blogging the frak out of the 08 elections even more. And if I can give some extra exposure to my California friends along the way, all the better.

Anyway, thanks again and consider this a late night (although probably morning by the time anyone reads it) thread.