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What I Learned from DFA Training

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The USC extension campus in Irvine is back to normal now. All the Priuses with the gnarly bumper stickers left the parking lot long ago. Life in Orange County has returned to normal, now that DFA Training Academy has moved on to the next location…

Or has it? Now, we have some 110 people who have gone through this training, and know how to make a difference. We have four Congressional candidates who have endured the training, and are ready to rumble (and take down some sleazy Republican incumbents). Ron Shepston in the 42nd District, Bill Hedrick in the 44th District, Hoyt Hilsman in the 26th District, and Michael Wray in the 50th District have now gone through the training, and so have their future teams of activists in their respective areas. Local grassroots groups for Barack Obama, John Edwards, Dennis Kucinich, and Bill Richardson (OK, and some Nevada staffers for Richardson also trekked down for this!) now know what they need to do to grow and put their grassroots energy to use. And now, local advovacy groups know how to get their message out more effectively.

Follow me after the flip for more on all the great things we learned, and how we all intend to put them into practice…

So where do we go from here? We can begin putting our plans into action. OK, so some of us may still be working on our plans. One thing that I’ve learned over the weekend is that we’ll never get anywhere if we don’t begin with a well-thought-out plan. We need to work on attainable goals, and on a good plan to move us to our goals.

OK, so our goals are in place and our plan is set. Where do we go next? Well, I used to be so afraid of recruiting volunteers. Now I can see how to do it. Fundraising used to scare me. Now I see how this can be done. I just shouldn’t be afraid to ask. And I should be more shameless.

OK, I think I need some practice. May I start with you? OK, then. Would you please check out DFA Night School? The night school covers many of the same topics that were covered during last weekend’s training. Go over and view the archives if you missed the training, and sign up for the Fall Semester!

And now, here’s my next request for you. Can you help our local campaigns and grassroots groups? If you’re supporting a candidate and/or cause, the best way to see it happen is to actually get out and make it happen! If you’re anywhere near the 42nd District, sign up to help Ron Shepston. If you’re anywhere near the 44th District, sign up to help Bill Hedrick. If you’re supporting Barack Obama for President in Orange County, join us at Obama OC. If you’re supporting John Edwards in San Diego, join San Diego for Edwards. If you’re supporting Hillary Clinton in LA, join Angelenos for Hillary. Just get involved in your neighborhood, no matter what specific campaign you’re joining. After all, what good is all this information that we just learned if we never use it?

So are you with me here? Can I count on YOU to get active, and practive what you learn? Let’s start making our hopes and dreams come true by making a plan of action, and then executing it. : )

Take This Last Chance for DFA Training!

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What are you looking to do over the next year or so? Want to organize for universal health care? Want to campaign for your favorite Democratic Presidential Candidate? Want to manage your best friend’s campaign for Congress? Want to just know what all your friends at DFA are talking about whenever election time approaches? Whatever you plan to do in politics, you need to learn how to be better at it by joining us at DFA Training Academy on July 21-22 in Irvine!

Oh yes, and I should say this. If you haven’t registered yet, this is your last chance to sign up to attend! We’re nearing our maximum attendance limit of 150, and the actual training is barely more than a week away. If you’re in Southern California and you haven’t yet signed up, take this last opportunity to learn how progressives can win, and how YOU can be a part of it!

Follow me after the flip to find out why you shouldn’t pass up on this last chance to learn how to be a force for change in your community…

So what will we be learning about at DFA Training Academy? Take a look at the curriculum! Learn how to fund raise! Learn how to target voters! Learn how to use the media to your advantage! Find out all the new organizing tools available that are easier than ever to use! And find it all at the training academy!

OK, so there’s plenty of serious stuff to learn. How much fun can one have here? Well, plenty! We have a very special social night ready for you on Saturday, the 21st. What do we have planned? Well, sign up for the training and get ready for a pleasant surprise! And oh yes, don’t forget how much fun you’ll have in meeting new progressive pals from all over Southern California! Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet some neighbors who you never thought were also Democrats. ; )

So we have a great curriculum and a great chance to meet fellow local activists. Where the heck can one stay for the night? And what about food? Don’t worry. If you’re coming in from some far away location like Santa Barbara or San Bernardino or San Diego, there’s a hotel room reserved just for you. And lunch is provided for Saturday AND Sunday. But again, this is only available for a limited time!

So what more can you ask for? You have a hotel room (if you need one). You have lunch plans. You have trainers ready to help you become a campaign rock star. And you have a whole lot of progressive activists who want to meet you. What more can you ask for? Take this last chance to sign up for DFA Training!

Trust me, you won’t regret it. ; )

Want to Learn How to Campaign? Come to DFA Training!

Have you always wondered what you can do to run a more effective campaign? Are you planning to run for office soon? Do you just want to be a better informed activist? Well, then come to the Orange County DFA Training next month! There is still room available, and we’re preparing a great program for all of you Southern California progressive activists coming!

So what exactly do we have in store for you? Follow me after the flip for more…

So what exactly can you expect at DFA Training? Take a look at this:

Staffers, professionals, and volunteers researched and developed a curriculum for winning local elections and for organizing between elections. We reached out to campaign professionals who shared DFA’s vision for grassroots-led democracy. By themselves, none of DFA activists or local candidates would be able to afford this level of professional expertise. With the training we can connect activists and campaigns with professionals to build a sustaining and politically savvy organization.

We’ll have workshops on field campaigning, organization building, communications, keeping voter files, and fundraising. Want to figure out how to use the precinct captain program to turn out all the Democratic voters in town? Want to learn the secrets to effective fundraising? Want to know how to use earned media to your advantage? Well, then you need to come to DFA Training and learn from the experts!

Come on, now! Don’t you want to come and join us? Don’t you want to learn to to build a winning organization?

So will you be coming to Orange County? And will you be coming from some far away location like San Bernardino or San Buenaventura or Beaumont or Del Mar? Need a place to stay during the weekend? Well, you’re in luck now! DFA-Orange County has reserved a hotel room just for you!

Take your pick on these hotels where we’ve reserved an affordable yet comfortable room for you:

1. Comfort Inn, 2620 Hotel Terrace Dr., Santa Ana; 714/966-5200 (front desk)
Rate: $79.99 a night single or double on reservations made before July 4; 30 rooms are blocked
Internet: wireless throughout the facility
Each room has a refrigerator & a microwave
Breakfast: complementary with some hot items
Amenities: hot tub, heated pool,
When calling request ‘Democracy For America blocked rooms’

2. Best Western, 2700 Hotel Terrace Dr., Santa Ana; 714/432-8888
Rate: $84 a night single (one king) or double (two queens); 7 day cancellation
Internet: DSL in room and wifi
Breakfast: complementary included
Confirmation #: 306900; request DFA Training Academy block

OK, so we have a hotel room ready for you. We have a space at class waiting for you. We’ll have yummy meals ready for you. Oh yes, and we have fun after-school activities that we’re planning for you. What else could you possibly want? Go to the Orange County DFA Training Academy page and reserve your spot today! It’s $60 for the two-day event, and only $30 for students and low-income attendees.

So don’t wait! Don’t hesitate! Reserve your spot for Orange County DFA Training Academy today! We can’t keep a spot reserved for you forever. ; )