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Putting the Cart Before the Horse

The current Draft Delegate Selection Plan of the California Democratic Party has a flawed timeline. It requires delegate registration for those Presidential Delegate Selection Caucuses be held after 2/5/07 .Since we are operating in the “political world,” the party’s current plan would allow someone who had worked for candidate “A” to go to a caucus for candidate “B,” knowing that candidate “B” had won the most votes in his/her congressional district. However, we ARE in the Public Comment period for the Draft Plan. The Executive Board will vote on this draft at it’s July 13-15 meeting in Sacramento.At the very least, it should be possible to have Delegate Caucus Registration close PRIOR to the Presidential Primary. Alert your district’s EBoard rep and go to “Denver here We Come” on Cadem.org to leave comments on the process as well as Affirmative Action and other aspects of the Draft Plan.