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Sunday Morning CDP E-Board Wrap-up

Over the flip you’ll find a summary of Sunday’s proceedings from the e-Board meeting in Sacramento. I apologize for the outage this morning, it was a technical glitch that was out of my control. I appreciate your patience, and hopefully it won’t happen again.

One more thing, I was told that I should remind everybody that the platform meetings will be held concurrently with the regional meetings. So, now you have two reasons to attend your regional meeting. Sweet!


The Central valley Dems want their own vice-chair.  The Rules Cmte. rejected this proposal, as that vice chair would represent only 10% of the State’s Dems as opposed to over 40% for the North and South Chairs.  However, the Rules Committee presented a four-section chair plan that would provide for some regional balance.

A substitute plan was presented to end the regional divisions, but only requiring a male and female vice chair.  The substitute motion to end the regional divisions passed the executive board and will be in effect for the next party officer election cycle.

Other rules changed accounting techniques for delegates to the pre-convention endorsement meetings and other technical matters.


I’ll post the resolution calendar when I get a chance. The resolutions began smoothly, with only 1 pull in the first four sections. Daraka Larrimore-Hall pulled a resolution on tuition for colleges and universities to not only stop tuition hikes, but to also include a reduction in fees. This resolution passed.

In the fifth group, resolutions 42 and 43 were pulled. Resolution 42, regional planning was opposed by a Napa delegate, as they were worried that regional concerns of the Bay Area would overwhelm Napa planning. The concerns were eventually addressed, and a compromise measure passed.

Resolution 43 was a Committee resolution that dealt with the impeachment/resignation of AG Alberto Gonzalez. The Cmte decided to pass a resolution with resignation not impeachment. A substitute motion to call for resignation failed. Incidentally, I voted for the impeachment measure in Committee, as I felt it didn’t really threaten the Speaker’s position. As I’ve said before in other contexts, there must be a left pole that is to the left of the majority, or we slip to the right.  Alberto Gonzalez is a crook and is doing substantial harm to the Justice Department. But, the resolution proceeded only as (yet another) call for resignation.

Section 6’s consent calendar passed without any pulls, and so on we move to Chris Stampolis of the CDC, then the DNC report.

DNC Denver Convention Delegate Selection

Now, for the plan to  appoint delegates. The affirmative action plan for this year increased the LGBT and youth goal targets (in terms of %).

The Committee presented a plan for April 13 Caucuses to choose delegates, which would allow potential delegates to choose a candidate after the Feb. 5 primary.  A motion was made to move the caucus date from April 13 to a date that would require a pre-Feb5 announcement of preference date. Many delegates seem to prefer a pre-Feb5 announcement date, at least judging from the comments here for the reason that it wouldn’t allow the “jonny-come-lately” types to move to the victors. The amendment failed to gather a majority, and the April 13 seems set to proceed. The plan passed, and will move to the DNC for final approval.

The meeting is now adjourned.