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Why I’m running for state assembly in the 27th District

(I’ve been meaning to get this up, but it’s been a busy day. Welcome, Mayor Reilly. – promoted by Brian Leubitz)

My name is Emily Reilly, mayor of Santa Cruz.  I am running for the Assembly in the 27th district.  As a member of the Assembly I will draw on the progressive values of equality, fairness and opportunity to address the challenges faced by residents of Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara counties: protecting the environment, improving transportation and fighting for universal health care.

It is important that I communicate directly with the voters in my district – that I participate in a two-way discussion about the issues that are important to all of us.  As a center of netroots activism in our state, Calitics is one avenue I hope to utilize in this discussion.  Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara counties are home to strong grassroots communities, and the emergence of online political participation is a natural fit in my district. 

Already, I have raised $7,333 for my campaign on Act Blue.  In all, I my campaign raised $63,000 in the in the first half of the year, far outpacing the other two declared candidates in the race in the most recent reporting period.  Nearly 200 people have contributed to my campaign.


While money is important gauge of support in any race, I hope to go above and beyond success in fundraising.  It is your belief in my campaign and in the progressive values it represents that will drive my campaign to victory. 


During my time as Mayor and on the Santa Cruz City Council I have built a strong record of bringing people together to address critical issues, such as environmental protection, transportation, and affordable housing.  As an Assemblywoman, I intend to bring that same emphasis on progressive issues to Sacramento.


I look forward to starting a dialogue with everyone here at Calitics. 


As a side note, people often ask me about term limits.  Currently, it is expected that this seat will be open when John Laird is termed out in 2009.  If the term limits initiative passes in February 2008 allowing Assembly member Laird to stay in office, I will not run.