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Water Wars

The primary hearing on the water bond measures has moved to Monday 1 pm.  I had previously been schedules for Oct. 4. Does this indicate that there have been some smoke filled room (Arnie’s Cigar) deals?  I don’t know, but I always fear it has.

Restore the Delta is trying to get as many well informed people as possible into the hearing.  If any of you know people in Sacramento, by all means call them up, send them an IM, an email, whatever.  Just make sure that they hear the public’s message and not the big money lobbyists.

Restore the Delta is mandatory reading.  So is Aquafornia.

Is there a deal in the water works?

The initial State Senate hearings on several bills to address the water issues in this special session of the CA State Legislature have been moved from tomorrow (Oct. 4) to Monday (Oct. 8)

Restore the Delta sent out an alert today to call off their action for tomorrow.

The Natural Resources and Water subject hearing scheduled for October 4, 2007 has been rescheduled for Monday, October 8th at 1 p.m. or upon the Call of the Chair.  This means that the hearing could begin as early as 9:00 a.m.  Restore the Delta suggests that supporters arrive early, pack snacks, and bring either a good novel, or knitting.  There is a cafeteria within the Capitol.

The meeting will be in room 4203 in the Capitol.  The hearing will be on the following bonds:  SBX2 1 (Perata), SBX2 2 (Perata), SBX2 3 (Cogdill), SBX2 4 (Cogdill), and SBX2 5 (Wiggins).

  Note, there is not yet a bill before the Assembly, though they are still scheduled to meet tomorrow, but without any notice of public comment.

There is a deadline looming if they want to get a bond on the ballot for the Presidential Primary. That deadline is next week.  The act of moving the hearings means that they have either given up on the idea of making that early date or that there is a back room deal in the making between Perata and Schwarzenegger.  I don’t trust either.  If such a deal does get made, it will most assuredly be the citizens of CA who get hosed (down).