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Keep Blackwater Out of California, Sen. Barbara Boxer and Sen. Diane Feinstein

(video is great earlier coverage of Blackwater West from KNBC)

Despite the well deserved outrage over Blackwater’s repeated atrocities in Iraq, the company is moving forwards with their plans to open up a new base in San Diego.  LAT:

Anne Tyrrell, spokeswoman for the Moyock, N.C.-based company, said Blackwater was not altering its Potrero proposal in light of the controversy. Last week the company announced it had dropped negotiations to buy land in North Carolina for a training site. That decision, Tyrrell said, was not a result of the controversy.

Rep. Bob Filner (D-Chula Vista) has introduced legislation to block “mercenaries” from training on non-federally owned property.  This would essentially can Blackwater West before they get a chance to break ground.  Where are Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer on Blackwater West?  Silent, despite Courage Campaign delivering over 8,500 petitions to them.  That is unacceptable.

Thanks to activists within the California Democratic Party’s executive board, the party is now on record officially opposing Blackwater West.  It’s time for Senators Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer join their party in stopping Blackwater from operating in California.  Take Action: sign the new letter to Senator Boxer and Feinstein and give them a call if you can.

Below the fold is the email we sent Courage Campaign members earlier today.

Dear Julia,


That is perhaps the most appropriate word to use in describing the menace that is Blackwater USA — the private “security” firm that just murdered 17 innocent Iraqis, sending another 24 to the hospital, in a rampage on the streets of Baghdad.

Blackwater, the same private firm of paid thugs whose incompetence cost the lives of American troops in Fallujah in 2004, now wants to build a base on California’s border to train mercenaries.

The consequences are ominous: Imagine Blackwater “defending” our border with Mexico in a vigilante action. Or providing emergency “security” to urban areas in California after a natural disaster.

No way. No Blackwater. Not in California. Not in America.

The security of California and our citizens is at stake. That’s the message that needs to be heard — loud and clear — by Senator Dianne Feinstein and Senator Barbara Boxer.

With activists converging to protest Blackwater in San Diego County this weekend, it’s your turn to take action. Please sign our NEW letter to Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer and/or make a quick call to follow-up. Then tell us about the results of your calls at the following link:


Blackwater’s plans to build a private mercenary training facility in San Diego County are simply unacceptable. Consisting of 15 firing ranges, a helipad, a heavy vehicle operator’s course covering the equivalent of 10 football fields — and populated by 360 staff and “students” — this dangerous base is just the beginning of Blackwater’s infiltration of our state’s security.

We hoped Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer got the message when the Courage Campaign delivered 8,543 of your previous petition signatures to their offices. We hoped they got the message when the California Democratic Party passed a resolution — putting the party on record — opposing Blackwater’s base. We hoped they would take a stand with their party and with us. But we haven’t heard a word.

Tell Senators Feinstein and Boxer to join the California Democratic Party in opposing Blackwater’s base in San Diego County. Then tell us what they told you:


The details now emerging from Iraq are deeply disturbing. The New York Times describes the beginning of last week’s massacre:

It started out as a family errand: Ahmed Haithem Ahmed was driving his mother, Mohassin, to pick up his father from the hospital where he worked as a pathologist. As they approached Nisour Square at midday on Sept. 16, they did not know that a bomb had gone off nearby or that a convoy of four armored vehicles carrying Blackwater guards armed with automatic rifles was approaching.

Moments later a bullet tore through Mr. Ahmed’s head, he slumped, and the car rolled forward.

The car, with Mr. Ahmed’s dead body pressing on the gas pedal, sped towards the Blackwater guards. They filled it with bullets and grenades, setting it on fire. Then continued to shoot at anything in sight. People ran away and cars turned around, desperate to get out of the hail of gunfire. But bullets continued to fly, cutting down 17 innocent civilians and wounding 24 more.

Killed in their cars. Shot in the back.

As Blackwater’s founder — right-winger Erik Prince (Mitt Romney’s campaign co-chair) — testified in Congress this week, these mafia-like mercenaries are still insisting they “acted appropriately at all times.” Despite the latest atrocities, the State Department continues to pay Blackwater hundreds of millions of dollars to operate in Iraq, even though the Iraqi government insists they should leave.

The Iraqis may not have the power to kick them out of their country, but we have the power to keep them out of California. And we need Senator Feinstein and Senator Boxer to lead the way.

It’s time for our Senators to stand up with us and the California Democratic Party and shut down Blackwater. Take action now: sign the NEW petition and/or call your Senators. Then tell us what they said:


The movement to stop Blackwater in California and the country is growing exponentially by the day. 

Congressman Bob Filner (D-San Diego) introduced a bill in the House last week that would allow the training of “mercenaries” only on property owned by the federal government — which would keep Blackwater out of California.

Meanwhile, this weekend, hundreds of local activists will be gathering at the proposed site for Blackwater West in San Diego County. The Courage Campaign will be sending a blogger to San Diego County to represent you and tell all of us about it on the Courage Campaign blog.

Time is running out. Please tell Senators Feinstein and Boxer to join us, the California Democratic Party, Congressman Filner, and grassroots activists in leading the way to keep Blackwater out of our state… before it’s too late:


Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do to stand up against Blackwater.


Rick Jacobs

P.S. Three months ago, KNBC in Los Angeles filed a special in-depth report exposing Blackwater. With the Courage Campaign taking an early stand on opposing Blackwater’s base, I was interviewed about their plans to set up shop on our border.

Click here now to watch the YouTube version of KNBC’s report — it’s as good as investigative journalism gets: