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Ways to help victims of wild fires – and call for One Corps volunteers from John Edwards

“Our thoughts and prayers are with the more than 300,000 families who have been forced to flee their homes to escape the wildfires spreading across southern California. Those affected by this tragedy should take comfort in the fact that their fellow Americans are standing with them and will do whatever it takes to fight the fires and rebuild the homes and businesses that were destroyed.” – John Edwards

John Edwards has called on One Corps members who live in California to help organize volunteer projects to help the victims of the fires. You can sign up here. There are also more links to helpful web sites on that page, but follow me below the fold and I’ll put them in here.

By the way, sorry to be a blog hog today. I know I just posted a diary here, but this one was too important. I wanted to get these links out there.

The Red Cross is asking for donations to help fire victims. Money donations will help the most.

Calfire.com has the latest info on the fires and emergency contact info.

California Volunteers has ways to sign up to help.

The State of California web site also has some information, including this link I found there:

The Red Cross Safe and Well list lets you inform family members and friends that you are safe.