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Yes on A, No on H in San Francisco

My guess is that most readers know somebody in San Francisco and this is the time to pick up the phone and give them a call. Tell them to vote Yes on Proposition A and No on Proposition H. The opposition campaign is pretty much entirely funded by Don Fisher, who has money to spare because of this:

With Gap Inc. under fire for selling clothes made by children in India, activists and police raided a sweatshop in New Delhi where 14 boys were embroidering women’s garments Monday, illustrating the widespread problem of child labor in the South Asian country.

The children were as young as 10, came from a poor farming district on the other side of the country, and said they had never been given promised wages for working up to 15 hours a day embroidering sequins onto the flowing saris worn by Indian women.

The working and living conditions in the sweatshop just blocks from where the Gap clothes were being made were grim – the boys were packed into a filthy room, sleeping on the same floor where they sewed all day.

“I don’t want my money anymore. Now I want to go home,” said a thin 15-year-old boy who gave his name only as Hatiquallah.

Sanjeev, an 11-year-old rescued Monday from the sweatshop, said his parents had sent him off to work in New Delhi two years ago. He had not heard from or seen them since, and was worried they would be upset with him for not sending any money home. “But I never got my wages,” he said.