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Schwarzenschnitzel: “No Interest” in Running for Senate

This is what I expected.  I would put the odds well below 50% that Arnold will opt to run for the Senate against Barbara Boxer.  Sure the polls show him to be competative, but actually being in the Senate is not something I see Arnold doing.  The man loves attention and 1 of 100 is exactly that.  He is not one for detail and proceedure.  Here is what he said today, note that he is the one calling himself Schwarzenschnitzel:

Despite a Field Poll this week showing Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in a virtual tie with Sen. Barbara Boxer if he were to run for her seat in 2010, the Republican governor said Friday he has “no interest in that at all” during an appearance at the Silicon Valley Leadership Group.

Schwarzenegger joked that he was fine with the growing speculation about what he would do after he is forced to leave the Governor’s Office in January 2011, implying that the rumors have been fueled by a desire by Boxer to raise money.

“This way she can raise more money when she says, ‘That Schwarzenschnitzel, he’s after me, he’s after me, oh my god, we’ve got to raise a lot of money!'” Schwarzenegger said. “That’s what this is all about. So, no, I have really no interest in that at all.”

She is raising money to try and scare him away.  Plus, he is a fundraising machine with all of those corporate backers and she would need boatloads of cash to defeat him.

Now obviously he could change his mind and come up with a reason to run.  But as I say, I just don’t see it happening.