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SD-23: Some Lame Mailers

SD-23 junk mailThe region around SD-23 is getting hit really hard with some just atrocious mail. Not only do they get the mail for the “Collosal Waste of Paper” Race in SD-23, they also get mail from the “Even Bigger Waste of Paper” Race in AD-40.  There are trees in Indonesia currently begging for mercy. Vote for Pavley or the Polar Bear Gets it? Maybe, but those trees already bit the dust.

The first ad is from Pavley’s campaign, calling Levine the “King of the Luxury Junkets.” I love the cute little crown hung from his head, but I gotta tell you, the ad just really doesn’t do it for me. I’m not sure who this one convinces. I suppose you could get a few people concerned about “lobbyist money,” but not

But, if that’s the case, Levine’s ad hits the mark.  It’s a simple explanation of who is paying for the Carbon-Free Pavley Ads. The answer is EdVoice, but the Carbon-Free Campaign has got to be one of the worst mail campaigns.  Do the people doing those campaigns think voters aren’t going to wonder about the carbon that it takes to print and mail the 7 mailers that get delivered talking about this magnificent carbon-free campaign.  

SD-23 junk mail cropped Nonetheless, I doubt that too many of these “who paid for these” really get too far. It seems a bit insider baseball for people to really put the effort into sorting all these mailers out. In the end, all this mail ends up clogging landfills or just being recycled (hopefully).

It sure would be great if these IEs and the campaigns could at least send some worthwhile campaign crap.  I know some campaigns are giving out potholders or other such useful items.  I mean, if we are going to be spending all this money anyway, why not print the mailer up on, say a reusable shopping bag, or a roll of paper towels. (Of recycled paper and printed with soy ink, of course.)

SD-23: Vote for Pavley or the Polar Bear Gets it

I really like Fran Pavley, and have enormous respect for her. She’s running in a tight race with Asm. Lloyd Levine for SD-23.  And, fortunately, the former Assembly Leader doesn’t have to take credit for this horrendous website and the accompanying mailers.  This is an Independent Expenditure (IE) by EdVoice with the mailing address of a law firm up in Marin. I’m not totally sure what EdVoice, an education group is doing sending out environmental mail, but let’s just go with it.

In short, the mailer says, you better vote for Fran Pavley or the Polar Bears are all going to die. The other mailers displayed on the website’s “Gallery” are not so egregious, but they are all based upon this “carbon-free” concept. David Dayen, who lives in the district, points out that he’s now received  several mailers from the group, which undercuts the “Carbon-free” argument. Sending 5 mailers and offsetting one absentee vote.  I’ll let others think about the math on that one.

With this, and Arnold’s Great Honor, it is really turning out to be a banner day in California politics. Oh, and Karen Bass is being sworn in today as the first African-American female Speaker in any of the United States.  

SD-23: Vote For Me Or I’ll Have This Polar Bear Shot

I don’t think that’s the message Fran Pavley wanted to convey in this mailer (PDF), but that’s pretty much what I’m getting out of it.  The front page is a polar bear standing on a lonely block of ice after much of it has fallen away into the sea, looking forlorn.  Accompanying the picture is the text “Save a Polar Bear, Vote Carbon Free For Fran Pavley.”  The inside of the mailer explains why; Pavley is an environmental leader, and fighting global warming will help save the polar bears, the reasoning goes.

Now, I’ve already explained once why this carbon-free voting idea is kind of a joke, particularly when it’s being conveyed to the public by using multiple full-color mailers.  I know from my mailbox that Pavley has been far more aggressive in direct mail than her opponent Lloyd Levine.  The new information in this mailer is that Pavley’s campaign has “purchased carbon offsets to cover every vote-by-mail ballot in the 23rd Senate district,” but I’m not getting what the metric is.  Does that cover the ballots?  The constant stream of mailers?  The carbon used by the post office to deliver the ballots?  Does it cover the fact that carbon offsets are kind of an environmental shell game that assuages liberal guilt without taking the meaningful steps needed to reduce our carbon output?

Kind of unclear from this mailer.

UPDATE by Brian: I believe this is actually an Independent Expenditure by EdVoice with the mailing address of a law firm up in Marin. I’m not totally sure what EdVoice, an education group is doing sending out environmental mail, but let’s just go with it.

Odds and Sods 4-23

Post-Pennsylvania and… well, nothing much different actually.  But next time, for sure!  Meanwhile, here are some California-centric notes:

• The California School Employees Association made their endorsements for the June primary.  In addition to Migden, they strike of an aversion to go out on a limb.  They only endorsed one Congressional candidate in a Republican-held seat (Charlie Brown), and they opted out of a lot of contested primaries in the legislative seats as well.  Manuel Perez did get the endorsement in the 80th AD, however (he is a school board member, so not a big shock).

• We don’t get into a lot of rural issues on the site, probably because of the bias toward writers here in urban environments.  But this salmon fishing ban is a big deal along the Mendocino coast.  This actually goes back to the Klamath fish kill in the beginning of the decade and Darth Cheney’s efforts to ensure that.  I think there are going to be a lot of angry fishermen wanting answers this fall.

• I keep forgetting to write about the State Senate primary in my own backyard of SD-23, between Fran Pavley  and Lloyd Levine.  Here’s some background on the race to succeed Sheila Kuehl.  I actually attended an environmental forum with these two last week and found them both to be really solid, with different strengths.  While Pavley is an astonishingly effective lawmaker – she probably has her name on more far-reaching climate change legislation than anyone in the entire country – Levine really seems to understand the nature of the fight in Sacramento and how best to bring about sweeping change.  I’m not going to be disappointed on June 3, regardless of the winner.  We’re hoping to get both Pavley and Levine on a future Calitics Radio show.

• Here’s a user-created video of our debate protest at ABC last week.  We have our own video set for release as well.

• Adam Liptak in The New York Times today: “The United States has less than 5 percent of the world’s population. But it has almost a quarter of the world’s prisoners.”

Yet we must remain “tough on crime,” even though rises and falls in the crime rate are not correlative to imprisoning people (Canada’s rate goes up and down roughly at the same time ours does, without a corresponding increase in the prison population).

• John Yoo won’t talk to the House Judiciary Committee but it’s really not his fault, you see:

In a letter, Yoo’s lawyer told Conyers he was “not authorized” by DOJ to discuss internal deliberations.

“We have been expressly advised by the Office of Legal Counsel of the United States Department of Justice that Professor Yoo is not authorized to discuss before your Committee any specific deliberative communications, including the substance of comments on opinions or policy questions, or the confidential predecisional advice, recommendations or other positions taken by individuals or entities of the Executive Branch,” Yoo’s lawyer, John C. Millian, wrote in a letter to Conyers.

As we all know, the executive branch can ignore subpoenas and prevent Congressional oversight.  Why, Yoo wrote it in a memo!  But he can’t discuss it.  Because the executive branch follows the law.  That he wrote.

Round and round we go…

SD-23: “Carbon-Free Voting”

I got this mailer today:

Apparently, voting by mail is “carbon-free”!  And to prove that point, the carbon-free voting people have sent me a four-page glossy mailer to tell me so.  But it’s printed on soy ink!  And if you vote permanent absentee, you don’t have to get in your car to get to your polling place!  And anyway, they puchased carbon offsets to mitigate these campaign activities!

So what the hell is going on here?  Why is an environmental group sending a mailer touting “carbon-free voting,” which, um, pretty much doesn’t exist?  Well, that would be explained by the picture of Fran Pavley on the back.

Now, Fran’s great.  As Assemblywoman she authored the landmark global warming law that will hopefully become a model for the nation, AB32.  But she’s also running for State Senate to replace the termed-out Sheila Kuehl, and obviously she’s interested in raising her profile.  So everyone in the Senate district, my district, got this mailer.  The LA Times ran a story on it.

The mailer is being derided by some, while others are questioning whether it is improperly trying to influence a state Senate election in the West L.A. area by prominently featuring one of the candidates, former Assemblywoman Fran Pavley.

“It looks dubious,” said Tracy Westen, chief executive of the Center for Governmental Studies, a Los Angeles-based non-partisan group that promotes political reform in Los Angeles. “It’s coordinated with her, it has her picture on it and it is going into that Senate district.”

Her main foe in the race, Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, wouldn’t comment for the story.

There are about 500 good reasons for vote-by-mail, and since Republicans kind of have a head start on permanent absentee organization I’m happy to see someone on the left promoting it.  But calling it “carbon-free” is a stretch.  And using it as a cover to tout a Senate candidate is pretty suspect.