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Sacramento’s Heavy Hand?

In MySpace, a profile called Dump Arabo appeared with rainbow flags, a picture of men together, and other homosexual themes.

This site is in response to an incident where Auday Arabo, on behalf of his grocers association, apologizes for Miller’s sponsorship of a gay function in the Bay Area.

Whether true or not, I was struck by the use of a MySpace profile to hit a candidate in the primary. The fingerprints seem to point in the direction of Sacramento and here are my reasons:

The Arlie Ricasa’s campaign wouldn’t waste its time trying to tear down Arabo and Marty Block’s people are too establishment to think in this direction, at least in San Diego. Because in the 78th, the “gay issue” only really moves votes among conservative to moderate African Americans who, due to demographics, are falling as a voting bloc. The new voters, the new homeowners, and the recent immigrants are too much of a “wild card” to bet on as votes in the district so you go with what you know. It saves on money and manpower.

This is not how we San Diegans would call it, but this is how Sacramento would. If all you know of the 78th is what you read as far as registration goes, then you have misjudged the district and, lets be honest, Sacramento has done this hat trick too often to be an “accident” every time.

If it turns out that the hit is false, the LGBT community may otherwise look at Arabo as a viable option because he was attacked.

And the use of the Bronski Beat song? I mean, come on! That smells of someone called in to be stereotypical rather than real.

Which gets me back to MySpace. Unless you’re twelve, why would you even go there? Teens can’t vote. And the 78th isn’t know for being a hub of wireless Internet connections. Again, another example of how little is known about voters in the 78th and the sad attempts to manipulate the voters there.

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