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What to Watch for at E-Board

There are a few things of note going on at the California Democratic Party’s E-bored meeting.

DNC races: Dave has some very serious questions about what the DNC candidates plan to do about the primary schedule. Fortunately for us, I hear there is going to be a “speed candidating” event at the E-bored. I’ll be sure to ask some of the candidates about these issues.

Also, there’s a “progressive slate” running, for more info on that, check Mayme Hubert’s diary.

Propositions: Lots, and lots of them. The ones that might be interesting are the “Republican Voters First” initiative, the solar initiative, and a few others.  I’ll be posting sporadically from e-board and will do my best to update on the props.

On the solar front, former Assemblywoman and future Senator Fran Pavley sent out a letter today to the Resolutions Committee opposing the solar initiative, stating that it is poorly drafted and could do more harm than good.  There is a ton of money in this one, so it might be a little controversial.

On the“Republican Voters First” initiative, Steve Westley’s big donation should put this one in play too. I imagine Westly will show up, as he’s usually at these Dem events. Not sure what the result will be, but the California Democratic Council endorsed it.

Anyway, who’s going to be there? And hey, if anybody has a credential they aren’t going to use, let me know. I could use a proxy.

Fireworks in Anaheim not from Disney

Every night during the tourist season, and on weekends during the school year, Disneyland lights up the night with some pretty good fireworks. I’m sure it has some negative impacts environmentally, but I’m not the one to quantify that.  But, there will be some daytime fireworks this weekend.  As many around here know, there’s an CDP E-board meeting in Anaheim this weekend. And, as you can clearly see if you read down this page, there will be some interesting issues at the resolutions committee, which I happen to sit on. Oooh, fun!

But seriously, I want everybody to know a few things.  The resolution committee has made a tremendous effort to open up the process up as much as possible. Is it perfect? Of course not, but credit where credit is due on working with grassroots leaders from the entire spectrum of the party.

I’ll make every effort to get some posts up about the E-board meeting as quickly as possible.