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Deceptive headline tops AP feed

The headline on the feed read “Blogger threatens LA campus shooting”.

The title on the story read

Student Threatens LA Campus Shooting


Associated Press Writer

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police arrested a 21-year-old Loyola Marymount University student in connection with an online threat to shoot people on campus, officials said Saturday.

Police arrested Carlos Huerta, a senior at Loyola, for investigation of making criminal threats. Huerta was taken into custody on Saturday night near his apartment on campus.

Huerta is suspected of posting a message that he would shoot and kill as many people as possible on campus before being killed himself by police, authorities said. The threat appeared on Juicycampus.com, a chat board that describes itself as having the “simple mission of enabling online anonymous free speech on college campuses.”

THe bottom of the story had this correction

“This version CORRECTS description of Web site as chat board instead of blog.)

I haven’t been blogging long and I used to think most of us lefties were paranoid but this is ridiculous. How by any stretch of the imagination is the subject of the story  a “BLOGGER”?

We must really be disturbing the MSM.Insistance on issues rather than solely covering the horserace is beginning to take it’s toll.That’s obvious when the stretch is as broad as in this instance. Bloggers are the enemy!Keep up the pressure, the more time they spend falsely flogging us, the less time they have to spin and spread GOP talking points.