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San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters endorsements

I’ve been a proud member of the San Francisco League of Pissed Off Voters (AKA the League of Young Voters) since we were doing bus trips to Reno and Vegas back in 2004. We’ve made voter guides for the last six elections. We print up thousands of them and hit the streets to spread the word. Here’s our mission statement:

We are a national organization that works in key cities and states to make politics relevant, fun, and meaningful to young people. We meet young people where they are, work on issues that affect their lives, and provide tools and training to make them viable players and winners in the political game.

See below the jump for our endorsements on the February ballot. See the complete guide at theballot.org/2008/sf, including a beautiful printable PDF.

Check us out IRL:

  • Election Night party: 2192 Folsom @ 18th St. 8pm – midnight. We’ll watch the election results on the big screen, and discuss it all live on Pirate Cat Radio. 87.9 FM or streaming online at piratecatradio.com.
  • League General Meetings: every 3rd Tuesday, starting 2/19. 7-9pm. Red Ink Studios, 1035 Market @ 6th St. Check www.theleague.com/sf for updates.
  • League of Pissed Off Voters Radio Roundtable on Pirate Cat Radio: Fridays 4-6pm, starting 2/8 on 87.9 FM or streaming online at piratecatradio.com.

Democratic Primary: No consensus. Barack just missed the 66% threshold. But if several of our members weren’t scattered around the country working or volunteering on his campaign, he would’ve gotten it. Also we voted before Kucinich and Edwards dropped out. Dennis just nosed out Edwards for second place, and Gravel beat Hillary for fourth.

Green Primary: Cynthia McKinney – She’s a rarity: a true radical with an impressive D.C. resume. And unlike Ralph Nader, she’s actually a Green Party member and working to build the party.

California Propositions

Prop 91: Hell no –
Wants to use the gas tax for new roads only–oh wait, that’s already a law.

Prop 92: Yes – Cap community college fees & guarantee funding.

Prop 93: Yes – Shorter term limits, while keeping politicians focused on lawmaking–instead of alternating elections between the state Assembly and Senate.

Props 94-97: Hell no! – 17,000 more slot machines? Big $$$ for rich tribes, a little $ for the state, and less environmental and labor protections.

San Francisco Propositions

Prop A: Yes –
$185 million bond for City Parks? Sure, charge it to the City’s credit card.

Prop B: No – Early pension $ for old cops? We need young, cops who are from SF.

Prop C: No – Vague wish to turn Alcatraz into a non-specific peace center.

Green Party Presidential Debate

The Green Party will hold a presidential debate in San Francisco on Jan. 13.  The announcement is today on the Alameda County Green Party web site as well as having been posted at Third Party Watch.  

Five of the seven (7) candidates who will appear on the Green Party primary ballot will be in attendance.  They are Jared Ball, Elaine Brown, Kent Mesplay, Cynthia McKinney and Ralph Nader.  The other two on the California ballot, Kat Swift (CoChair Texas Green Party) and Jesse Johnson (CoChair Mountain Party of West Virgina… affiliated with the Green Party) have been invited and either can not make it or have not yet confirmed.

According to the post at Third Party Watch:

California, which will likely control between 20 and 25 percent of the delegates at the national convention, is the big prize and the race to watch.

I am working with the event organizers to try and establish a live blogging feed from there as well as a live audio feed.   If nothing else, we will have someone blogging from there and posted to California Greening.