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New Evidence: Bogus Climate Plans Abound

Thanks to Dave Roberts at Gristmill I learned today that there is an operating distributed power plant in Germany that could allow that country to go to 100% renewable energy by 2050.  The study / pilot project came out of the University of Kassel.  

The easiest way to understand what they are doing is to watch this short (7.24 min) film.

If you go back through all of the candidates energy plans and the talk in the ABC New Hampshire Debaste, all of them, Democratic or Republican, you have to conclude that they all have no faith in our industry; no faith in our technology; no faith in America.

Now, I find out that there is going to be Presidential Energy Summit with those same candidates held in Houston, TX on February 28th. Well, maybe a few will drop out by then.. Richardson???

Who sponsors this summit?  Shell Oil, Independent Petroleum Producers Association (lobby).  

What great energy plan will we see here?  Not much, I would bet.  The moderator will be Tim Russert and it will be broadcast on MSNBC.  Someone needs to get to Russert and make sure that he puts some pressure on all of them.