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Green Party Presidential Debate

The Green Party’s first Presidential Debate will be held tomorrow at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco.  Starting time is 2:00 PM. I have commented before, and Brian has put it in the upcoming events calendar.  So, below the fold, I will pass on key updates.  However, if you can not make the debate you will get a chance to listen afterwards on KPFA and possibly on Democracy Now.  

Since this debate was first announced, and posted here, there have been several changes:

  • Georgia activist Elaine Brown has dropped out.
  • The two candidates who had not confirmed previously (Texas GP CoChair Kat Swift and West Virginia business owner / film maker Jesse Johnson) have confirmed their attendance.
  • KPFA will rebroadcast the debate between 7 and 10 PM on Jan. 15.
  • Democracy Now is going to send a film crew to the theater.  I am not sure whether they will re-broadcast the entire thing or just give it the usual film clip coverage.

I am of the opinion that Nader will have to really ask for the support and offer some sense of being really interested in running “as a Green” if he expects to win the nomination.  You hear a lot of people bloviating about whether Nader “endorsed” Edwards or not. (I never thought he did.) But, just like all of the other candidates, he will be caught up in the pace at which this nomination process is unfolding. I already have my vote by mail ballot in hand.  It will take a strong showing by one of the other candidates to make me change my vote away from Kent Mesplay.