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Obama is tight with nuclear-power and coal industry

Obama is tight with the nuclear power industry and coal. He has accepted $159,800 in contributions from executives and employees of Exelon, the nation’s largest nuclear power-plant operator, for his presidential campaign as of late March 2007, and received notable support from Exelon in his previous political campaigns.

He wants FutureGen’s “clean” coal-fired power plant in Illinois. The group doesn’t count the energy used before and after the coal is burned. With net energy gain reduced by these processes, you’re better off with wind and solar.?

Plus he voted FOR Bush 2005 Energy Policy Act, a sweeping, oil-friendly energy bill that gave lots of presents to Bushes friend’s in the oil industry. Environmentalist strong opposed it. Hillary voted AGAINST it.

He opposes the House-passed bill that would reform the 1872 Mining Law. That law lets companies mine public lands without paying royalties and doesn’t hold them responsible for mine cleanup.

Looks like if Obama wins the presidency , the US will be replacing an oil president with a nuclear-power and coal president.