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CD-08: Support the Unity Slate for Obama!!

(Another longtime Calitician announces. Hogarth is competing against Calitics publisher Brian Leubitz in Pelosi’s CD (they’re friends). A Blogger v Blogger election…clutch your pearls now while I flip a coin – promoted by Bob Brigham)

With 71 people running for 3 Obama delegate slots in San Francisco, I have teamed up with two other candidates to form the Unity Slate.  We are 3 Democratic individuals who represent the diversity of CD-08, the diversity of Barack Obama’s appeal, and are excited to bring San Francisco values to the Democratic National Convention.  We are Paul Hogarth, Clem Clarke and Myrna Melgar!

Clemetine Clarke was born in Mississippi, and has been a committed Democratic party activist for 29 years. She has been active in mentoring youth in the community and is especially passionate about getting young African Americans active in politics. Clem runs her own company, has a four year old son and lives in the Western Addition.

Many of you know me, Paul Hogarth, as the managing editor of Beyond Chron.  But I’m also a 30 year old tenant rights activist who grew up in Chicago — three doors down from Obama. I’ve been involved in SF politics for 10 years, and worked for LGBT causes, such as marriage equality and tenants rights. I currently work as an attorney at the Tenderloin Housing Clinic, and live in the Tenderloin.

Myrna Melgar is a Latina mother of two girls. She immigrated to the Mission District from El Salvador as a teenager, and has been a community and union organizer through most of her career, working on issues of affordable housing, workers’ rights and social and environmental justice. She currently works for the City administering programs for low income first time homebuyers. Myrna lives at the edge of the Castro/Mission.

Please come out on Sunday, April 13th at SEIU Local 1021 (350 Rhode Island) to support the Unity Slate.  Doors open at 2:00 p.m., and we hope you can be there to help us bring San Francisco values to the Convention!!