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UC Davis threatens to take Clinton to collections

The Clinton campaign money troubles are pretty well known.  They have been delaying payment to increase their cash on hand and ability to pay for campaign activities rather than pay off their debts.  The media, particularly Politico, which brought me to this hilarious article by the local Sacto CBS station.

Bill Clinton may have charmed the crowd at UC Davis in January, when 7500 people showed up to see him, but charm has not covered the Clinton campaign bill.

The University of California in Davis is ready to take the Clinton presidential campaign to a collection agency if they do not pay back the thousands of dollars they are still owed.

The campaign owes UC Davis $6,350.  The Marching Band cost $500, cleanup $250 and $5,600 for the services of the UC Davis police.

“I’m more than willing to be held accountable for it, because that’s the way life is,” Hillary Clinton said to a Montana crowd on Monday. There is no word whether she’ll apply that philosophy here, or if she even knows about the outstanding debt.

CBS 13 tried to get a quote from the Clinton campaign, but no dice.

UC Davis is planning to put its final bill out this week, and if the debt has not been settled within a month, they are going to turn the matter over to a collection agency.

Something tells me that going to the press will speed up the payment.