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SF DCCC: Some Candidates I Support

I’m pretty involved in San Francisco politics, but I try to balance Calitics out.  I’m going to spend some time on local politics for a second, specifically to talk about the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC). I have a number of friends who are running for the DCCC, but I want to highlight a few of these folks. While I don’t always agree with the expense of the DCCC campaigns, I think the DCCC has an important role, and these candidates would fill that role well.

First, Nicole Sarabia Rivera currently works for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi as a field represenative. She helped found Good Ol’ Girls, a progressive political and social networking group.  In 2006 she formed lefton580.org (no longer active website) that organized a ride board to help get volunteers out to Jerry McNerney’s district. She helped with the Democratic Party of Orange County’s Next Leaders Program (see video), Tom Umberg’s campaign for Orange County Supervisor, and Lou Correa’s victorious campaign for Senate.

Nicole will has a background in outreach to communities of color and disadvantaged communities. Both of these areas could certainly use a boost from Nicole’s enthusiasm.

Next, Luke Klipp is the president of the San Francisco Young Democrats and a board member of the Alice B Toklas LGBT Democratic Club.  He currently works for Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval, and has a strong background in city policy from his time as a budget analyst. He is always available for the important progressive causes, for registering voters, the whole shebang. Also, both Luke and Nicole will be the youngest candidates at 30 years of age at the time of the election on June 3.

Scott Wiener is the current chair of the SF Democratic Party, and under his leadership, the party has registered thousands of voters. In fact, SF was one of the counties in the state to increase its Democratic voter percentage during Scott’s relatively short tenure on the DCCC. While others may tell you that his leadership hasn’t been that important to the success of the DCCC and the party would be fine without him, I can tell you that is simply not true. He does an excellent job of reaching out and forming relationships with people from all walks of life in San Francisco.

Finally, I’d like to recommend a vote for Laura Spanjian as well. While we disagree on our selection of presidential candidates, one cannot argue with Laura’s dedication to Hillary Clinton. She traveled to several states (hey, perhaps we offset each other ;), and her tireless effort will be sure to carry over to whomever our nominee is for November.

There are several other worthy candidates in AD-13, and you get to vote for 8 more, but I wanted to highlight these 4 because I know the SF-DCCC would benefit from their presence.