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Obama Delegate Winners in CD-30

Congratulations to the winners at this afternoon’s Obama caucus for CD 30, Robert Vanderet, Victoria von Szeliski, and Shayne Adamski.  This trio of very organized campaign volunteers ran as a team, and took all three delegate seats.  With heartwarming support from progressive Democrats and the Santa Monica Democratic Club, I came in third for the two male delegate slots.  Marcy Winograd, also supported by Progressive Democrats of America, Los Angeles, came in second for the one female slot.

Using the organizing skills they’ve amassed working together for Obama, the campaign team ran a focused slate from their own ranks of exactly as many candidates as there were seats to be filled.   The three winners made effective use of the resources they and other volunteers have generated for our Obama campaign, including compiled email addresses and online discussion groups.

Thank you to everyone who came out for this amazingly energizing caucus — over 650 Democrats stood in line in the sweltering sun to cast their votes.  It is clear that Barack Obama has inspired a dedicated campaign that will take him, and us Democrats, all the way to the White House.

Kevin McKeown

Santa Monica City Councilmember