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California Hillary Backers Can’t Use The Google, Read FEC Law

The California Majority Report-infused “American Leadership Project,” the pro-Hillary Clinton 527 that apparently thinks they can take credit for the Texas primary victory because they ran one ad the day before the election, has a new ad up in Indiana aimed at no-information voters:

Really, we’re going down the “Obama has no substance” road?  REALLY?  

Come closer, Jason Kinney.  Here’s Barack Obama’s website.  There’s an entire section with his position on issues!  There are white papers galore!  And he’s even explained those proposals in speeches!  And in newspapers!  And leading economists preferred them!  Imagine that!  You don’t have to rely on opinion editorialists (that’s who the ad quotes) anymore!

(By the way, if you want to use David Ignatius’ boneheaded intellect as a selling point, go ahead.  Really makes you look smart.)

Oh yeah, the ALC is still potentially breaking the law.

The Obama campaign has just announced they’ve filed an FEC complaint against the American Leadership Project, the 527 group founded by some big Hillary Clinton donors and pro-Hillary unions, on the grounds that they have failed to properly register as a political committee and to obey spending and donation limits in their founding mission of spending on behalf of Hillary Clinton.

“The group isn’t making any bones about their purpose here,” said Obama campaign chief counsel Bob Bauer on a conference call with reporters, “which makes their legal position hopelessly defective.”

You’re all making California proud.  Go get ’em!

UPDATE: Superdelegate and Congresswoman Lois Capps, of CA-23, just endorsed Obama.  The Illinois Senator won CA-23 in the primary.