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The Conservative Slur of the Day: “Gray Davis Republican”

On the Democratic side, our big dogfight of a primary is up here in the Bay Area in SD-03. For the Republicans, it's down in Riverside County for SD-37. There Assemblyman John Benoit is duking it out with former Assemblyman Russ Bogh. CapAlert has more on the race.

The campaign has been a consistent flow of barbs between the two of them. But what I thought was most funny was the ongoing accusation from Bogh on Benoit being a “Gray Davis Republican.” There's even a website! Now, to any objective political watcher, Benoit has very little to do with Davis. However, he did vote for the Democratic budget a couple of times, so, I guess he's the evil spawn of Davis.

And this isn't the only place the phrase it is being used. Also in Riverside County, Brian Nestande, son of a former Assembly member, is also being called a “Gray Davis Republican. It looks like the Republicans are having some sort of bizarro race more than ever. They are fighting to be the ones that stood up against a sound budget. Yes, you heard me right, they want everybody to know that they want to cut more services. They want to cut education.

Apparently Benoit isn't vigilant enough about hacking our education budget to pieces. Apparently Bogh intends California to go to 50th in the nation in per pupil spending from our current 46th position. As Dave said on the podcast on Monday, look out Mississippi, we're coming for ya!