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Spotlight on Nancy Skinner — AD-14

While attending UC Berkeley, I ran the ASUC student body elections and that is where I first met Nancy Skinner who was a candidate for Academic Affairs.  Nancy was a young woman who had already recognized her future in the political arena.  Nancy won that election to become Vice President of the ASUC Academic Affairs in 1981 and while in Graduate school she served as the Executive Director of the Graduate Assembly – the independent graduate student government.  Nancy’s collegiate political career is a perfect example of how the political pipeline — a sustainable flow of women advancing up the ladder of elected offices — works.


In 1984 I met Nancy again when she was a candidate for Berkeley City Council.  Again Nancy won her election and became the first UC student to be elected to the City Council in Berkeley.  Her dedication to her fellow students and the community at large was evident and college politics was the perfect place to cut her legislative teeth.

A long time community activist and environmental innovator, Nancy authored the first ban on Styrofoam at fast food outlets, resulting in McDonald’s stopping the use of Styrofoam throughout the United States.  She worked as the Director of The Climate Group, an international organization working to bring business and governments together to find solutions to global warming.  Looking out for future generations; Nancy co-authored the best selling book series, 50 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth.

In 2006 Nancy was elected to the East Bay Region Park Board in Ward 1 with 84% of the vote.  She represents Albany, Berkeley, El Cerrito, El Sobrante, Emeryville, Kensington, Richmond, San Pablo, part of Pinole & Oakland.  Since joining the Board, Nancy has been working to add acres to regional parks and expand Park District programs for youth and schools.

It was no surprise when I met Nancy as a candidate again last year when she approached the CALIFORNIA LIST for support for her campaign for the Assembly seat in District 14.  I know first hand how Nancy has developed a political career with strength and experience.  She has built a firm foundation of electability by moving up the political pipeline — a pipeline CALIFORNIA LIST has been helping to build for the last 6 years.

Even as a young woman back in college, Nancy was already thinking out of the box and using local action as a catalyst to larger social change. CALIFORNIA LIST is proud to endorse Nancy Skinner for State Assembly in District 14 and I urge you to support her in the upcoming June 3rd primary.  Visit our website to make a contribution to Nancy’s campaign today!

Bettina Duval is the founder of the California List, a political fundraising network that helps elect Democratic women to all branches of California state government.