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L.A. County Superior Court race: Vote Against White Supremacist

Yes, you read me right.  There is a candidate for Superior Court judge named Bill Johnson who is literally a white supremacist and he’s on your ballot if you vote in Los Angeles County.

The thing is, he actually has a shot at winning.  He’s got a following with Ron Paul people even though officially Ron Paul has disavowed him and has a shot at sneaking through if his followers are the only ones who vote in this low turnout, non-primary election.

Per the Los Angeles Times editorial page:

Los Angeles voters, if they don’t pay attention, could hand judicial robes to a racial separatist who called for restricting U.S. citizenship to persons “of the European race” and deporting blacks, Asians, Latinos and others who don’t meet his racial criteria.  

The candidate is Bill Johnson.  Under the name James O. Pace, he wrote the racial exclusion as a proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution and a 1985 book supporting it. Under the name Daniel Johnson, he ran a losing race for Congress in Wyoming in 1989 with a Ku Klux Klan organizer as his campaign manager. As William Johnson, he ran a losing race for Congress in Arizona in 2006. He now may have found a race he can win, unless voters here find out who he is.

The opposing candidate (James Bianco) is endorsed by the LA Times, and they say he’s ‘experienced and impressive’. Frankly, though, I’d be happy with mediocre and barely qualified considering he’s running against a freakin’ white separatist!  

Hopefully, you’re not yet done with your Vote by Mail ballot and can still venture into the Judges section of the ballot and at least fill that one in. (Finally a judicial race that’s easy to vote on!).  And if you’re going in to vote on election day, please remember to vote in this race.

AND TO ADD: This is still under the radar, despite the LA Times editorial.  Here’s some concrete evidence that word’s just not getting out.

Check this article I just came across, with the hard-hitting lede:

La Cañada resident Bill Johnson is a candidate for Superior Court seat 125 on the June 3 election.

Johnson, an international corporate attorney, is known locally for his 78-acre ranch off Angeles Crest Highway in La Cañada, where he raises horses, cows and alpacas. He was a leader in the effort to resist the city’s changes in its animal-keeping ordinance.

Johnson and his wife Lois have five children. He has been president of the San Fernando Valley Symphony, head of a 4-H club and works with the Pasadena Chapter of the Foundation for Fighting Blindness.

Um, how about the fact that he’s a white supremacist who wrote a manifesto calling for revoking citizenship and deportation of those who aren’t of European descent?  

Then they’ve got this, but it’s hardly excuplatory:

The candidate has in the past promoted more stringent immigration policies and supported the Pace Amendment to limit rights of illegal immigrants.

His opponent is county commissioner James Bianco. Johnson was rated as not qualified by the L.A. County Bar Association, one of several to receive the rating. Bianco was rated as well qualified.

So, deportation of millions translates to ‘more stringent immigration policies’.  That sounds so much nicer.  And how about the fact that he didn’t just support the Pace Amendment – he is Pace and he wrote the freaking thing himself.