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Sleazy Deceptive Doorhanger, Late (soft) Hit on Leno

Ugh, we just got home from work to find a really sleazy and deceptive doorhanger on our front porch. Nothing screams trust to me like the old “FPPC# Pending” seal of approval. Hit the flip for some pictures, and see my flickr stream for full size images…

So for “change” we’re supposed to vote for the incumbent, are we. The Guardian should sue them into next week for using their logo so deceptively, although I guess Sen. Migden could just toss it on the pile with the rest of her legal bills. Tim Dunning, whoever you are, expect a reckoning. The actual Bay Guardian Clean Slate does NOT endorse Carol Migden. Get the word out.

Slates for pay really, really stink. It’s a big problem.

(Incidentally, fast response to late hits and countering disinformation like this is one reason to develop a distributed, neighborhood leader based field operation. I’m disappointed no local SF campaigns have chosen to do that this cycle, even while big plans are being made for November.)