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(CA80AD): More than that, at least for now, I cannot promise….

Ethics, honesty, fair play, honor, common sense, intelligence and truthfulness. Some, or all, of these were missing from several of the various campaigns leading up to the June 3rd primary election. Has politics always been a nasty business? Sorry, there are no answers in this blog.


More than that, at least for now, I cannot promise….

    I consider myself a Yellow Dog Democrat and 80th Assembly District candidate Manuel Perez will have my vote in November. More than that, at least for now, I cannot promise.

News of events surrounding the 80th Assembly District Democratic primary continue to surface and some reports have proved troubling. Serious concerns have been aroused by recent revelations of CSEA labor relations representative Dale Wissman’s role as a campaign strategist in the Manuel Perez primary election campaign. It’s now clear that without him some $500 thousand in outside PAC money would not have been available. Wissman’s efforts were responsible for the influx of paid staff and volunteers from San Diego, Rancho Cucamonga and elsewhere outside the district who walked on Perez’s behalf. In an in-your-face victory blog address to those volunteers, while slamming the opposition, Wissman also rightfully claimed credit for the Perez victory and there’s little reason for doubt. Manuel Perez owes his primary win to Dale Wissman! Of the four candidates competing in the Democratic primary, Manuel Perez was the only one so beholden to the support of a single individual. The money, the out-of-district volunteers, and, let’s not forget, the nasty campaign mailings smearing candidate Greg Pettis, were made possible through Dale Wissman’s participation. It’s probably a bit much to classify Wissman as Perez’s Svengali, but the “alter ego” title certainly seems to fit.

Will Dale Wissman continue as a key adviser to an elected Assemblyman Manuel Perez? If so, what will be the affect of his involvement and what will it mean to the constituents in this district? These are questions similar to those one could ask about George Bush or Hillary Clinton. Would one have done a better job had it not been for the presence of a Cheney, Rove or Rumsfeld? Would Hillary Clinton have been a more effective candidate without Bill? The relationship of these principals to their alter egos was such that the latter seemed to exercise positions of undue significance and influence. That’s certainly basis for similar concern over the candidacy of Manuel Perez and his alter ego, Dale Wissman.

These are issues and questions that are troublesome. As for answers, I think both time and further reflection will be needed before I’ve reached conclusions appropriate for me. Until then, I’ll have to stand aside and watch the parade form up and move off without me, for I’m not yet ready. So, “More than that, at least for now, I cannot promise.”

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