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Amazing: Utah Democratic Candidate Takes a Stand Against Telco Immunity

That’s something you may be used to hearing about a Democratic candidate in other states, but here in Utah, this is truly a first. We have but one Democrat in our federal delegation, and on FISA, Matheson has proven himself a true Bush Dog. Now it appears a new candidate is ready to step up and show true leadership on a key issue.

Morgan is the Democratic candidate for Utah’s first congressional district, a seat currently held by school voucher supporting, “drill here, drill now” parroting, warrantless wiretap backing Rob Bishop. In addition to the 2/1 odds Morgan faces unseating the corporate funded incumbent, he also faces a battle with in-state leadership as a result of Rep. Jim Matheson, our only sitting Democrat, and faithful Blue Dog.  

From a press release posted by Morgan Bowen at BowenforCongress.com:

As a candidate for the United States Congress, I oppose granting retro-active immunity to telecommunications companies – who willingly broke the law, when so many others refused to do so – and the illegal wiretapping of American’s on the notion that no entity or body of government is above the law, according to our Constitution.While we do face serious threats to our national security, I believe it is possible to combat these threats without the erosion of our most basic liberties, and the protection from an invasive government body that the founding fathers made great efforts to include when drafting the Bill of Rights.This administration’s and our current congressman’s thinly masked agenda to grant retro-active immunity and remove oversight from the surveillance process is not so much about protecting American’s from realistic threats, but rather protecting this administration, and the representatives who supported them from accountability and their sworn duty to uphold our constitutional rights as American citizens.

Matheson has made clear his support of retro-active immunity for telco’s, and leveraging his position, has held sway even over state party leadership in his cave-in to Republicans and the president on many issues, FISA being the most “at odds” with the sentiment of a large number of Utah voters.

For Morgan to take such a stand, he pits himself against “the way things are done” in Utah, Matheson, and of course the decades old Republican majority of Utah’s federal delegation in his defense of the constitution, something our current leadership has forgotten how to do, despite their oath of office.

Following in the steps of Gary Trauner and many other western Democrats, Morgan is leading the way to a western coalition by welcoming bloggers and grassroots activists into his campaign with a level of access many of us have fought for again and again, but never seen before. His press release today in opposition to retro-active immunity and warrantless surveillance is further example of his ability to recognize how a true leader represents the voters of his district.

This is a historic step by a candidate fighting an uphill (but not insurmountable) battle already, and Morgan needs our help.

Please consider an ActBlue contribution to Morgan’s campaign, to encourage him in the defense of our Constitution, and as a sign to Matheson and other state leaders that the simple act of standing up for our basic rights can be an asset to a campaign, not a liability. Help Morgan fight.