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Calitics At Netroots Nation

Happy to leave behind the concerns of party fundraising and a deadlocked budget, I will be heading to Austin, Texas next week along with much of the Calitics staff for Netroots Nation, the third annual gathering of bloggers and partners in the progressive movement for panel discussions, keynote speeches and much fun and merriment.  If you’re attending, I hope you’ll join Calitics on Saturday night from 5-8pm for a Book Party sponsored by AlterNet Books and Living Liberally, featuring author, activist and former Texas Agriculture Commissioner Jim Hightower.  Calitics is part of a great group of blogs hosting the event, including Atrios’ Eschaton, Digby’s Hullabaloo (where I’ve been known to moonlight), Pandagon, Jack and Jill Politics, SquareState, Blue Jersey, The Albany Project and more.

Here’s the flyer, all the information can be found there:

If you’re coming to Austin, we hope to see you there!  More information, if needed can be found by clicking on the flyer, or, if that doesn’t work, this link.

(Unfortunately, I do not believe there will be a California caucus this year as there was last year.  The Netroots Nation agenda lists a state-level blogger caucus at 10:30am on Thursday, but that’s not state-specific, and anyway I’ll be in the air at the time.  We could organize something at a “self-organizing session” that has been blocked out to allow for a small-group meeting.  Let’s gauge some interest for that in the comments.