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Dreier, Feeling the Heat, Uses Democrats to Spin His Bush Rubber Stamp Record

(Cross-posted at BushRubberStamp.com)

As Dave wrote on Monday, last week David Dreier twisted some arms in the 26th district to get 9 local elected and business leaders, all Democrats, to sign on to a letter endorsing him for congress. You can read a pdf of the letter HERE. The gist of why they’re voting for him this year: they’d like us to believe that David Dreier is above the partisan fray.

Riiiiight. Let’s take a look at this letter.

One of the problems facing our country is that so many elected officials back in Washington, D.C. put party loyalty ahead of problem solving.  We see it on the news and read about it every day.  Partisan attacks and party line votes persist while we miss opportunities for real solutions.

Congressman David Dreier is a different kind of leader.

Um, really? According to Congressional Quarterly (behind subscription firewall), David Dreier has voted with George W. Bush 93.6% of the time between 2001-2007. That includes 100% in 2001 and 2003. And even the San Gabriel Valley Tribune conceded that:

[Rep.] David Dreier…almost always vote[s] with fellow Republicans – more than 90 percent of the time in 2007.

Dreier is nothing BUT a partisan party line Republican. But the letter gets worse…

It goes on to claim that Dreier’s real priority is solving the 26th district’s problems.

If only.

What matters to David is that there are problems to solve and he is in a position to help.  He knows that partisanship only stands in the way of progress – and he refuses to get caught up in it. […]

David is exactly the kind of leader we need in Washington right now.  He has the know-how to get things done.  We are proud to support David in his campaign for Congress.  His service and commitment to our communities will continue to benefit all of us in the district.

OK, let’s take just one important issue to Americans: high gas prices. Most people would characterize that as a problem. So how has David Dreier voted to "solve" that problem and "get things done?"  This year alone he’s stood with George W Bush and the oil companies to oppose 6 bills designed to save consumers money at the pump and help wean us off our dependence on fossil fuels, including:

Dreier voted NO on the Consumer Energy Supply Act, H.R. 6578, which would have temporarily released almost 10 percent of the oil from the government’s petroleum reserve.

Dreier voted NO on the Drill Responsibly in Leased Lands Act and on the Responsible Federal Oil and Gas Lease Act, which would have encouraged oil companies to drill where they already have unused leases.

Dreier voted NO on The Federal Price Gouging Prevention Act which would have imposed strict penalties on companies that artificially inflate the price of gas.

Each one of these bills won a large majority of support but failed to overcome the 2/3 threshold to override a Bush veto. Thanks to David Dreier and his Bush rubber stamp obstructionist buddies, these bills all failed. This is the sort of problem solving David Dreier brings to Washington.

So, when anyone endorses David Dreier, it is this blind partisan record they are endorsing and it is George W. Bush they are endorsing. I think the constituents and peers of these 9 so-called Democrats would appreciate hearing the truth about the Bush rubber stamp record that their leaders have pledged to support in November. Spread the word about Dreier’s record to district newspapers at the Bush Rubber Stamp Letter To The Editor page.

And by the looks of things, the ‘Dreier 9’ need to be informed about Dreier’s Bush rubber stamp record themselves. So give them a call them at their office numbers below to let them know Dreier is nothing but a Bush rubber stamp (numbers of elected office holders provided.)

Paul Eaton, Mayor of Montclair 909-625-9400

Roberto Campos, small businessman, Glendora/Upland

Karen Davis, Mayor of Glendora 626-833-2425

Mary Ann Lutz, Monrovia Councilmember 626-932-5503

Kurt Zimmerman, Mayor of Sierra Madre 626-355-7135

Joe Garcia, Monrovia Councilmember 626-932-5503

Anthony Fellow, Director, Upper San Gabriel Valley Municipal Water District, Arcadia 626-443-2297

Dorrie Bryan, HR Manager, Rancho Cucamonga

Eugene Sun, San Marino Councilmember 626-300-0705