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Dianne Feinstein Visited Sacramento Today

George Skelton recycled 20th century conventional wisdom when it came to Dianne Feinstein running for governor, which wasn’t surprising for a wannabe David Broder who can’t see that Broder’s relevance was written about in an online obituary years ago. You see, the days of top down politics have passed. The days of decree from above by those deemed worthy are no more. Dianne Feinstein didn’t get the memo:

The issue has been complicated since Feinstein joined with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger in promoting the $9.3 billion bond, backed largely by Republicans.


“Six months ago, the governor asked if I’d sit down with political leaders in both parties and I did,” she added. “We left the meeting believing in two weeks they would come together on a bipartisan plan. They didn’t.”

Wahhhhh, wahhhh, wahhhh. DiFi tried to get some Democrats to support a proposal by the GOP Executive and Democrats didn’t ask how high they should jump? Welcome to California Senator, where legislative Democrats don’t sell out as easy as some of your senate buddies have done for Bush. You can’t just say what you want and then go back to Washington, DC to focus on selling out to George Bush. To get things done in California, you have to be involved beyond a photo-op and a few meetings. Yet the conventional wisdom hacks still write that she’d be a good Governor even though she thought in a day she could solve California’s water problem. What a joke on both counts.

It gets worse, either way this is actually the definition of hell:

“It’s not a, ‘hell, no’ right now, and it’s not a ‘hell, yes’ either,” she said of her reaction to speculation that’s she’s considering a 2010 bid to replace termed-out Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, a Republican.”I’m a senator now, and my intention is to run for re-election.”

DiFi is older than McCain, a joke in the legislature, a crappy senator, a tool for the right, and will have her legacy actually examined by a post-broadcast media environment if she is dumb enough to ever enter another Democratic primary campaign. I say, “Hell, Yes!”