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Wow, Numbers for Democrats in California are Incredible

In a diary Robert wrote this morning, a commentor “Sane Democrat” unleashed a troll-worthy response of how Democrats are dependent upon a few voting blocs: Millionaires, Gays, Welfare recipients, and State/municipal workers. Of course he is wrong on the underlying statement that we are dependent upon these voting blocs, but we do have the support of those voting blocs.  I was suspicious of his categorization, so I thought I would take a peek at the data. You know the real facts and all. Luckily, the Field Poll recently (7/24/08) released a poll of the generic Congressional ballot and the crosstabs are available via CapitolAlert here.

The thing is, Democrats have the support of all but a very few voting blocs in the state. I’ll rattle them (mostly)  off here:

the egregiously poor, the working poor, the middle class, the upper middle class, the wealthy, Whites, Asians, African-Americans, Latinos, Catholics, the employed, the unemployed, renters, homeowners, high school graduates (or less), trade school graduates, college graduates, postgraduates, union members, non-union members, super liberals, mildly liberals, middle of the roaders, youngens, young-ish folks, middle aged, seniors, married Californians, divorced, never marrieds, people in LA, people in the SF Bay Area, other NorCal folks, people in the Central Valley, women, men, and, oh yeah, Democrats.

phew! That’s a lot of voters who prefer Democrats. The list of voters who prefer Republicans: San Diego/Orange County (within the MoE), Other South (within MoE), strong and moderate conservatives, Protestants (within MoE), and Born-again Christians (within MoE), and oh, yeah, Republicans.

Ordinarily, you would say that we should have 2/3, if not more, of the Legislature. Unfortunately, if you are bothered by such things, we have clumped ourselves in such a manner so that we live almost exclusively with like-minded people. Thus, Republicans congregate in certain regions, as do Democrats, and drawing maps where we can win, say 80% of the seats, is tough, if not impossible. But, I’ll spare our readers of another lecture on redistricting other than to sayNo on Prop 11.

Wow, it’s a good time to be a Democrat; now we need to consolidate and expand these leads through grassroots action.  Oh sure, I guess you elected officials can come along for the ride…