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Yes on Prop 8 Called ME today

This is going to be a semi-quick one for several reasons, but today I had a funny thing happen.  Considering today was my man’s splenectomy, I wasn’t expecting anything really funny.  But then, the world being what it is, something had to happen to lighten the mood and it did.  

I got a phone call from a Yes on 8 volunteer.

This morning I’m rushing to the hospital (just running late as usual).  Today was Robert’s surgery and I wanted to get there an hour before they took him away.  As I’m pulling into Mercey General (here in Sac town), my phone rings.  Not wanting to risk violating California’s laws on phone use, I pull to the side when I see a (916) number thinking it might be one of his coworkers.  Nope, I heard a nice female voice saying

“Hi, my name is blahblah and I’m a volunteer with the Yes on 8, urging people to help protect California’s families, protect our children from being taught about homosexuality in our schools…”

More below the fold.

She went on for a good thirty seconds with the standard spiel we’ve been seeing on television and their website.  I didn’t hear anything new as far as wacked out charges of pedophilia or the like, but they sure did seem worried about children in school learning it was okay for gay people to marry.  

She closed by asking “Can we count on your support to protect California’s families?”

Seeing my opening, I decided to go ahead and stretch the truth a bit.  Robert and I won’t get married until next July, but we do have our DP so I replied:

“You know, I am on the way to the hospital right now where my husband is about to have surgery to remove his spleen.  You can count on the fact that I am going to be protecting OUR family by voting NO on Prop 8.

Her reply was actually kind of nice:  “I hope everything goes okay.”

That is nice, hoping everything goes okay, ’cause beating Prop 8 is going to be a part of making sure everything DOES go okay.  🙂

(For those wondering, a huge malfunctioning spleen was removed today with no complications and he’s recovering well, sleeping just a few feet away from me.  The worst thing has been the pain for him – but pain should be expected when something as big as a skinny watermelon weighing over 10 pounds is taken out of you.  Doctor says this should really help with the general recovery.)

Now, let’s just take Prop 8 down…

BTW, I’ve been wondering why the heck I was on the Yes on 8 call list.  Unless they are just calling every likely voter, they might be going after Dem Males Age 35+.  Interesting theory when I start thinking about it…but they should have at least taken out the  males who live with other males, or maybe gotten the state DP list and taken those folks out (I know I’m on the list).  

It’s just nice knowing they aren’t spending a lot of time targeting and are wasting a whole lot of money calling folks like me.