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CA-04: GOTV efforts will win this thing–Only thing missing? YOU

(stay for change. – promoted by David Dayen)

With only two weeks until Election Day, it is more critical than ever to get out and help bring Charlie to victory. For months now, the Charlie Brown campaign for Congress has been burning up the phone lines and pounding the pavement to get our positive message of “patriotism before partisanship” out to the voters of the 4th Congressional District.  

One of our top canvassers is Nate Cox.


Nate is 22 years old and a recent graduate of the Sierra College Fire Academy. While waiting for his first assignment, he’s taking time to help send Charlie to Congress. While following Nate around South Placer County, we learned first-hand about how this race is shaping up in our favor and how we need every available boot on the ground to bring Charlie to victory.

“I’ve never really been interested in politics until I heard about Charlie,” Nate said. “One of my roommates was involved in the campaign and told me about this guy named Charlie Brown running for Congress. After hearing about him and meeting him, I knew I needed to do whatever I could to get this guy elected. Plus, how cool would it be to say I helped get a Congressman elected?”


As we pulled up to the first house, Nate explained how he likes to approach each individual and find some way to connect before even meeting face-to-face. “You can find out so much about a person by their driveway and front lawn. Bumper stickers, toys in the yard… they tell you a lot about who you’re going to talk to.”


The first person we talked to was a man named Gary. A registered Republican, Gary was a little bit of a tough nut to crack. “I’ve never voted for a Democrat in my life. Why should I support your guy?” Nate explained Charlie’s 26 years of service in the Air Force, his staunch support for 2nd Amendment rights, and his commitment to balancing the federal budget. Nate also gave Gary a copy of the recent Veterans Press endorsement of Charlie. After a good five minutes of discussion, Gary gave a big grin. “You sure know your stuff. You’re making me think, and I’m not sure that’s such a good thing for my Party. I’ll check out your website and think about it.”


A few “not home” houses later, we came upon another Placer County resident. Iris, a 55-year old school teacher, answered the door. She immediately identified herself as a supporter. “Everyone in this household is for Charlie. There’s no doubt about that. How do I get a lawn sign?” This one was a little too easy.


Nate made “the ask.”

“Is there any way you’d be able to help volunteer some time?”

“Only if I can get that button you’re wearing in return!”


Over the course of the afternoon, it became clear that canvassing in Roseville was a pretty enjoyable experience. Mild weather, beautiful suburban scenery, and pleasant people abound.

The final location of the canvassing trip was an apartment complex. As each door was knocked and literature was left behind, new supporter after new supporter was being identified. Our final knock of the afternoon was to a young college student named Joe.


Joe readily identified himself as someone not interested in politics. Joe admitted to not having ever voted until this Presidential Primary. “I just don’t see how it affects me.”

Nate found a way to identify with the student. “Do you drive to school?”

“Yes,” he replied.

“Do you like having smooth roads or driving over potholes messing up your suspension?”

Joe responded “No one likes bottoming out.”

“Then you have a reason to vote. These are the people who decide what to do with your tax money. You can vote for someone, like Charlie, who will work to bring money back to fix our highways and infrastructure and make life a little easier for you.”

Nate is an unusual kid: not appearing to have a care in the world, he surprised us by using his passion for helping Charlie bring in new supporters. A lot of the people we talked to had questions about Charlie’s economic positions and what he was going to do to bring jobs into the district. With the release of our new TV ad, we were able to speak to several voters while the commcercial was playing on their TVs! You can see our newest ad on youtube as well:

We need your help to keep this ad running. Click here to contribute. Any money you donate will be used to fight the slime machine Tom McClintock is employing against Charlie. The time is now, and you can make a difference wherever you are to help Charlie win this election.

All told, 12 Charlie supporters were identified from those that were home, compared to 3 McClintock supporters for the entire day. The votes are out there, but we need your help to bring this victory home.

With one of the best ground games in the nation being implemented here in the 4th District, we have a distinct advantage over our opponent. While he’s busy slinging mud, we’ve built a volunteer base that has dominated in every way imaginable. But in these final 2 weeks, your help will be a crucial addition to our winning strategy.

As GOTV progresses, please come spend some time in CA-04. Walk some neighborhoods with Nate and our team. Make some phone calls in one of our 7 offices to remind voters about Charlie Brown and his positive message of change. If you can’t make it to our district, please send a contribution to Charlie and help us support the flood of volunteers we will be hosting in these final days. You can also contact our campaign headquarters to find out other ways to help.

We appreciate your help, and look forward to seeing you on the campaign trail.


Neil Pople

Director of Online Communications

Charlie Brown for Congress