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AD-36: Linda Jones might just be in the right place at the right time

PhotobucketYesterday Dave included AD-36 in his week to go legislative roundup, ranking the race as Lean Republican. The Democratic candidate is Linda Jones, a former aide to Assemblyman Richard Katz and a special education teacher in the Antelope Valley district. From a review of the news articles about the candidate forum and a perusal of a couple of YouTube videos (check ’em over the flip.)

Like many parts of California, Republicans are losing their stranglehold over the exurbs here in Antelope Valley. Their far-right ideological pursuit of their own goals and their failure to work across party lines has damaged the GOP Brand. (Oh, and some guy named Bush didn’t help either.) In 2004, Kerry won Palmdale, and with a surge in registration and the accompanying increased turnout, Obama might just carry this district:

“I’d be beyond shocked if Obama doesn’t sweep and if he does sweep, we’ll sweep here in the 36th District, too,” says Denise Latanzi. “We’re polling within 1 to 3% of the opposition, and new voters weren’t included in those polls.”

“John Kerry won the City of Palmdale last time,” Denise adds. “He almost won Riverside and Victorville, too.”

Jones agrees. “I’ve got my bogeyboard ready for the Obama-Biden wave.” (LA Progressive 10/19/08)

As a special education teacher, Linda Jones has exhibited the kind of patience that it takes in Sacramento to work with everybody.  This district has been dominated for too long by the Runners, and it needs a change to somebody who doesn’t simply toss cherry bombs from the peanut gallery. It needs somebody like Linda Jones who will get into the scrum that is Sacramento and produce results.

And by the way, her opponent is Steve Knight, son of the late Pete Knight. You might remember Pete as the author of the so-called Knight initiative, Prop 22 in March 2000 that kicked off the lets vote on marriage extravaganza.  Linda Jones opposes Prop 8, while Knight wholeheartedly endorses it. You can contribute to Linda Jones on her spiffy website, at the Donate Now link.

Fighting the Composting of Human Sludge in Hinkley. For Ms. Jones part, skip to about 5 minutes.

Cameraphone video of a Jones speech on the budget: (Skip to about 45 sec.)