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Thanks to progressive Democrats

Thanks to the work of Progressive Democrats, the Green Party’s Bruce Delgado won election as the Mayor of Marina.  For that, we Greens thank you.

BTW: according to KSBW Salinas last night, Monterey County had an 85% turnout.  

It is a bit of turn around.  I worked my ass off for McNerney in 2004 and in 2006.  The Republicans handed him re-election this year by fielding a real estate candidate so bad that even the National Board of Realtors put over $500 K into McNerney’s campaign.  

There are a lot of things that Greens and Progressive Democrats agreed on.  If you took the list of recommendations for ballot proposals, the one published on Calitics and the one published on the Green Party of CA site.  The only difference was on Prop 3. where the issue was very much that the money allocated by a previous measure for the same purposes had not yet been spent… $300 Million remaining.

But while this blog is fascinated by why your results were not what you expected, I am turning my attention to NOLA.  There, on Dec. 2, a corrupt Democratic Congressman named William Jefferson will begin his trial on Corruption charges.  Yesterday, Jefferson won a Democratic Primary runoff to keep his seat.  I have been told that his opponent, Helena Moreno, says that she will not support Jefferson.

The Green Party is fielding a candidate: Malik Rahim.  When Hurricane Katrina struck, the government could not keep the lights on. Rahim had electricity at his non-profit.  When the hospitals were flooded and patients were dying, Rahim kept a medical clinic open.  While Jefferson has been lining his own pockets… or stashing $90 K in his freezer… Rahim’s non-profit has built or refurbished 2,000 homes in New Orleans.

I would hope that Pelosi cuts Jefferson loose and lets him swing in the wind.  To do other than that would be to put party loyalty above principles and would tell me a lot more about Pelosi’s character.

I have started a full press to raise additional money for Rahim.  I guess that I am challenging readers of Calitics to put principle above party and help out Rahim.  At some point, I want to see a Democrats for Rahim Committee. There is one month left, to change America, to demonstrate that the old politics of cronyism is gone, that corruption is never again to be swept under the rugs of the ethics committee offices.