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National Day (weekend) Of Service – What Will You Be Doing?

Community Organizers!

Barack Obama is calling for a national weekend of service to take place between Jan. 17-19, the weekend preceding Mr. Obama’s inauguration as president.

Obama is calling on community organizers all over the country to come up with projects and events that will reach out to and improve their communities. Your imagination is your only limit. Planting trees. Cleaning a beach. Feeding the homeless. Painting a school classroom. Delivering meals to seniors. Come up with something — and make it happen!

The Inauguration Committee website now has a webform where National Day Of Service Events can be submitted. If you have a project or an event you would like to submit please use the following link:


If you are not already registered on the site, you will need to go through a short sign-up procedure before you can submit your event. Please keep in mind that the event must be non-partisan in nature. Partisan and religious groups are absolutely encouraged to participate, but the events themselves must be non-partisan. For instance, it’s okay for a local Democratic Club to organize a food drive, but it’s not okay for that same club to organize a rally for a local candidate for office.

Once your events are approved (and I’m sure all of yours will be), they will be posted so the general public can search by zip code and sign up for events. The sooner you post the event, the more time folks will have find them!

To find volunteer opportunities in your area:


Type in your zip code and the site will find events in your area. Not many events are up yet, but this will change dramatically after January 1st.


Marta Evry

Venice, CA

Community Organizer