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CA Dem Party Delegate Elections are Next Weekend: Support Progressives

Thank goodness the Progressive Democrats of America, SoCal Grassroots, and the Progressive Caucus of the CA Democratic Party have joined together to run Progressive Slate candidates for next weekend’s state party delegate elections (election times/locations here).  The statements of the candidates give you so little to go on, and sitting through several hours to hear them speak individually before figuring out who is really the progressives of the bunch is a really arduous thing to go through.  I believe we can really make a positive change in the party by getting real progressive activists in delegate positions who can challenge the party when necessary.  


The list of causes that candidates on this slate need to advocate for is something I agree with nearly to a tee, and I really appreciate that they are laying out what the criteria for selection is.  

If I understand correctly, the voting process will allow district Democrats to show up during registration, register, vote and leave without having to stick around for the full meeting.  So knowing ahead of time how you’ll vote is essential to making the process as painless as possible.  If I can tell others that they can vote to support progressive candidates for delegate without having to attend a 2+ hour meeting, then I’m pretty sure I can get some takers.  Talk of a meeting is likely to scare them off.  

Presently there are just a handful of slates posted; however just today a few more assembly district slates have been added I received a quick email reply from the contact on the Progressive Slate site that a full slate will be forthcoming for my AD (the 53rd).  

Perusing the district slates that are already up, I noticed that in the 42nd AD, Dante Atkins is on the slate.  Congratulations to Dante for making the Progressive Slate and best wishes for an election victory!

On Wednesday, I will be attending a Torrance Democratic Club meeting and will be spreading word amongst members about the elections and to support the Progressive Slate.  

If anybody has tips/suggestions on the best way to mobilize others to get out to the elections, please share them in comments.