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CA-Gov: What does $2 Million Buy from the Governator?

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The AP combed the financial records of both state parties.  Guess what? The California Republican Party (or CRaP, as I like to call it) loves those unlimited donations:

The California Republican Party has raised $12.3 million this year, most of it in unlimited donations, according to campaign finance reports reviewed Tuesday.
In June, after the bitter Democratic primary, the Republican Party spent $4.2 million on ads for Schwarzenegger, who has been the party’s main fundraiser.

Since the beginning of the year, the Republican Party received $2 million from Alex Spanos, owner of the San Diego Chargers; $1 million from T. Boone Pickens, the Texas oil tycoon; $1.5 million from A. Jerrold Perenchio, the founder of Univision; $250,000 from Chevron; and $150,000 from Joseph Weider, the fitness magazine owner who is an old friend of Schwarzenegger’s. (LA Daily News 8/2/06)

Check out the flip for more about the CRaPpy Unlimited Donors.

Yup, Mr. Alex Spanos gave $2 million to the CRaP.  And how did Mr. Spanos make his money you might ask?  Well, the Chargers owner was a real estate developer.  Yup, Mr. Schwarzenegger’s good buddy built apartments in Southern California. Oh, and a bonus, Mr. Spanos wrote a book that has a foreword from Rush Limbaugh.  Aww, shucks Arnold, you sure know how to pick your friends.  The praise for the book has some interesting “leaders” besides Limbaugh from sketchy sports owners like Al Davis to business heirs like Barron Hilton, grandfather of Paris Hilton.

Who else gave to the CRaP.  Well, it seems Big Oil loves CRaP.  It seems T. Boone Pickens is interested in Arnold.  You might know him, and love him, from such campaigns as the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, to which he gave $2 Million, or Progress for America, to which he gave $2.5 Million.  It seems Mr. Pickens makes quite a bit of money (over $1.6 BILLION last year), mostly off natural gas. 

Right along with Mr. Pickens is good ol’ Standard Oil of California, Chevron.  Chevron invested $250,000 in CRaP.  It’s quite interesting for a governor who claims to be Green to be courting donors for his party from big oil.

Mr. Schwarzenegger promised the voters of California that he would clean up Sacramento.  He didn’t need special interest money.  It turns out the only special interest money from interests that don’t support him are really special interests.  Nope, Arnold & Big Oil…they’re just good friends.

So, remember when you see those CRaP ads proclaiming Schwarzenegger an environmenatlist just who paid for that ad. The real environmentalist is Phil Angelides