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California Connections To The Inaugural

Do read Foreign Policy blogger Marc Lynch on his experiences in the purple tunnel of doom.  Despite the maybe 2 million on the Mall today, thousands more with ticketed entry were denied passage, as the Inaugural committee passed out way more tickets than they had room for.  Many were stranded in a tiny, claustrophobic tunnel for hours and hours, only to be turned away.  Ultimately, this falls to the head of the Inaugural committee, a certain lady named Dianne Feinstein, to explain the chaos.  There’s a survivors of the Purple Tunnel of Doom Facebook group you can check out.  While the day was splendid, the logistics left a lot to be desired.

And then there was the false note of California’s Pastor Rick Warren delivering a wooden, erratic invocation.  Outside of the parts where he was quoting Scripture, it was hard to even understand his point.  He looked hurried and rattled, and I have to think that the mass outcry plated a part in that.  For comparison’s sake, check out the amazing work of the Rev. Joseph Lowery.  I’d say it was no contest.  California was not well-served on the national stage today.

…see also DiFi’s sickening apologia to law enforcement misconduct which indirectly led to commuted sentences for two Border Patrol officers who shot an unarmed man in the back.